• No name

    Why do surgeons in the Philippines require patients to pay FIRST before he/she even start to take
    care of the patient? Has everyone become so money hungry they’ve forgotten their Hippocratic oath?

    • D

      Madali po ang Sagot dyan. In the Philippines, insurance companies are only available to large and multinational companies, yet coverage is so minimal. If surgical procedures are partially covered or not at all, surgeons need to get paid first before doing elective procedures otherwise risk not being paid for their services at all. There are no mechanisms in place like collection agencies where non paying or absconding patients can be held liable to.

  • Giancarlo Salazar

    Hi…aside sa Phil. Heart Center,saan pa po pwede magawa yung Double Outlet Right Ventricle Repair? (Visayas-Mindanao Area)

  • Riza Guillen

    Sino po sa mga cardiothoracic surgeons who are affiliated sa heart center and top 10 surgeons?